Eco Friendly Dining Ware India 2022

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Eco Friendly Dining Ware India 2022 | Recyclable | Compostable | Checkout Products

We bring you an eco-friendly dining ware that will not only ensure your family’s safe health but will add an authentic touch to your cutlery in the kitchen.

They are generally made from materials that are more durable than the traditional ceramic and glass-composed dinnerware that never fails to entertain your daily needs with much-needed comfort.

How often do you think about what our plates, napkins, and cups are made of while setting the dining table? Many food processing agencies have conclusively researched that if dishes are not manufactured properly, lead and other raw materials can leach into the food and drinks that are prepared, stored, or get served in them. So the next time you’re shopping for your dinnerware.

Make sure it is made from eco-friendly raw materials, which are reliable enough for your and your family’s safety.  We bring you an eco-friendly dining ware that will not only ensure your family’s safe health but will add an authentic touch to your cutlery in the kitchen.

Effects of Plastic based dining ware

Popular dinnerware made from plastic and other materials extracted from fossil fuels or the oil and gas industry make them a not-so-eco-friendly dinnerware to use for your family. This also creates a lot of pollution and disposal issues. Considering its manufacturing, a lot of energy and resources are required to produce these plates and cups that will most likely end up in a landfill at the end of their life, affecting the environment, wildlife, and human health.

Why choose Eco-friendly dining ware?

Making modern eco-friendly dishware is a task of a lot of research and considerations that brings out a safe eating habit at home. There are a variety of materials used in making such types of eco-friendly plates and cutlery. From recycled materials to ceramic and wood, several sustainable dinnerware options are available with us that will fit your style and taste.

Ceramic dinnerware, Bamboo cutlery, stone dinnerware, glass made water holders are all the available and affordable dinnerware offered here. While they are heavier than plastic, they don’t contain the same potentially harmful chemicals and prove to be a great replacement for plastic plates. In this article, we will discuss six reasons why you should go for eco-friendly dining ware.

6 Reasons why to choose eco-friendly dining ware

1. No chemicals can leach into your food

Using eco-friendly disposable dishes like sugarcane pulp plates or bamboo-based cutleries does not leave behind any toxic chemicals or residue while serving or washing. When they degrade, they release nutrients into the soil and are thus 100% biodegradable. These are generally free from chemicals, and exhibit modernity by the environmental values.

2. Biodegradable Waste Disposal

Since compostable eco-friendly plates and cutlery items like eco-friendly disposable forks for example are made from agricultural waste like corn starch, rice husk, and sugarcane pulp, they are all biodegradable waste materials. They decompose over a very short period after dumping them inside the compostable bins. Their compost can be used up to act as manure in your gardens as well as fuel to your bonfire.

3. Composting

Plastic and heavy cutlery pollute oceans and river bodies; they also harm animals and birds by sucking out the nutrients of the soil. Eco-friendly dining ware comes as a rescue to environmental damage. Moreover, that harbors the original nutrients of the soil and nourishes the earth along with providing an easy composting method. The biodegradable materials can just be broken into smaller pieces after removing the food residue. Which can be tossed into the compost bin directly for decomposition.

4. Environment-friendly

Since the materials required for producing such dining ware are extracted from the nature around, they require very less energy and resources to be produced. Their disposal is also emission-free.

5. High Quality

Plates and cutlery made from natural substances are not as durable as plastic plates. But these compostable plates are strong enough and can be used again and again without breaking easily. With rigidity and non-breakability, these products outperform the popular single-use plastic products, in addition to being highly durable.

6. Eco-Friendly Dining Ware Is Safe to Microwave

These plates are unbreakable and sturdy and can also be used inside the microwave to heat the food safely. They do not release any toxins or chemicals into the food as compared to single-use plastic containers or plates upon heating and your food remains safe and full of nutrients. Microwaving without precautions can prove harmful to human health as well as damage the utensil. Eco-friendly material-based dining ware and crockery do not deal with any such issue. They simply become the go-to go utensil for heat-waving the food without disturbing its essence of it.

Thus, by making smart choices, you can minimize the negative impacts associated with your dinnerware. Certainly, avail the eco-friendly bamboo cutlery and eco-friendly cutlery bulk presented here. They can match up with your style and theme of the dining room as you can find them in numerous designs and shapes. Read google reviews


What are the most eco-friendly plates?

Answer: The most eco-friendly plates available to be used in households are Palm Leaf Plates, Paper Plates, Birchwood Plates, Sugarcane Plates, and Disposable Bamboo or Bagasse Plates. All these dinnerware plates keep your served food-safe, without releasing any toxins and chemicals into the consumables.

Which cutlery is eco-friendly?

Answer: Cutlery made of bamboo is 100% eco-friendly. It is prepared with very less energy and resources which in any way does not hamper the ecological balance. The process for disposing of such cutlery bulk is also biodegradable and can turn into compost quickly and efficiently.

Are compostable plates better for the environment?

Answer: Yes, Compostable Plates are better for the environment in many ways. Their manufacturing is done with natural energy and resources, whose disposal is safe and secure. These plates do not leave any chemicals and can completely change into compost for being used as manure in the agriculture fields, replenishing the soil with its nutrients. They have no side effects for the environment – from production to disposal.

How do you make cutlery eco-friendly?

Answer: As a general rule of thumb to make cutlery eco-friendly, you should be interested in the material the dining ware is made of. Eco-friendly options are available with us so that you can avoid plastics and synthetics.Other factors in the process include the transportation emissions caused by importing goods and the glues used in production

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