Reusable Plastic Tableware Buying Guide India 2022

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Reusable Plastic Tableware Buying Guide India 2022 | Microwave & Refrigerator Safe | Checkout Products

Reusable plastic tableware sets and containers for your kitchen are the new normal you would see in every other household.

They are generally made from materials that are more durable than the traditional ceramic and glass-composed dinnerware that never fails to entertain your daily needs with much-needed comfort.

One can modernize their kitchen space and dining area with such reusable plastic tableware and remain completely tension-free of their maintenance and cleaning. Many environment studies and reports have also shown that reusable tableware consistently outperforms single-use tableware and ceramic kitchenware as the most cost-effective and easy-to-maintain cutlery for daily usage in the present generation.

To maintain quality and increase reusability, these plastic dinnerware sets are using newer technological innovations to improve the materials that go into their manufacturing. What’s more advantageous is that reusable products have proven to perform better in harsh environments such as extreme heat and moisture.

Why You Should Consider Reusable Plastic Tableware

Our Reusable plastic tableware essentially helps you in the process that not only diminishes the environmental influence of plastic pollution but also ends up in a lot of savings. This tableware is robust enough to be refilled and reused many times.  You can check their safety parameters as they come up with a number grading system that defines what they are composed of – the primary material used up in its manufacturing.

Seven major plastic numbers have been identified for the same purpose which is marked on our high-end plastic dinnerware. They are labeled with a recycling symbol inside the packaging. They can always be in the cycle of the three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

But above all, reusable plastic tableware in the kitchen can lessen your workload of buying and maintaining ceramic-composed tableware. They prove to be the best types of utensils for people who don’t have time to dedicate to washing utensils made of steel and other iron alloys, which tend to rust soon. Their plastic alternatives thus become an economical as well as a reliable product for usage.

Arguably all plastic is harmful, but these are the safest that you can use, and some of the most commonly available in dinner sets. This type of plastic is also presented in water bottles, elegant disposable dinnerware meant to contain food and beverages. The hard ones can even be used to pop up in the microwave.

Types of Reusable plastic tableware:

Economical disposable tableware

The most basic type of plastic tableware is easily disposable. Due to their characteristics, this tableware combines quality and comfort with a very low price and is available in all kinds of shapes and colors. If you are new to kitchen shopping and want to explore different alternatives, you can always start with this type to get started.

Ecological disposable tableware

An eco-friendly approach to dinnerware is achieved through this ecological disposable tableware, which gives you comfort, and quality and also cares for the environment. They are composed of biodegradable materials such as cardboard, sugar cane, and sometimes palm leaf.

Hard plastic tableware

A more dependable and rigid product, hard plastic tableware is very much in popular demand. Trends say it is the most used by catering companies and restaurateurs for the advantages it offers. This dinnerware also suits the events with more sophistication as they can have different designs and themes to match up to the occasions of parties or weddings. Our reusable plastic party plate sets are the go-to-go options for bigger events.

Reusable plastic tableware

An unbreakable dinnerware that is reusable by mere washing and cleaning. Moreover, caters to the daily needs of a household very efficiently. A house with children can relate to the need of having reusable items under its roof! Their advanced versions are the X-table disposable tableware and can be put in the microwave.

Advantages of reusable plastic ware

Studies show that reusable tableware consistently outperforms single-use tableware in all environmental impact categories. The case for reusable tableware is held together in those countries where consumers are aware and accountable for washing practices and the importance of reuse.

  • Comes in various designs, shapes, sizes, and themes like any other expensive dinnerware
  • Attracts and appeals to the guests through their striking features of modernity with comfort
  • Non-breakable and safe in children’s hands as well. You don’t have to be extra cautious while giving food to your kids!
  • Reusability is their biggest strength that serves the environmental protection needs of the world as well as proves viable for your pocket!

Reusable plastic tableware and associated products have successfully passed the ongoing trends and aspirations of modern youth. They are super adaptable and flexible to the situation and would rarely fail in disappointing your family dinner! They are very portable and easy to maintain with a stress-free cleaning process.

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1. Which plastic containers can be reused?

Reusable plastic dinnerware and plate sets come up in the #2, #4, and #5 categories. Hard plastic tableware is characteristically made from a plastic called polystyrene and will have a #6 category. Since Polystyrene is generally not biodegradable, it can be reused for a longer time and becomes undesirable to throw it away.

2. Can you wash and reuse plastic containers?

Yes, Plastic tableware sets and other such containers available with us are all washable.

3. What is the safest plastic container?

The safest of such plastic is used in reusable plastic plate sets for weddings and home kitchens. Safe for storing food, these plastic tableware sets can be reused until they start to show signs of wear.  Our wholesale disposable dinnerware proves to be the go-to go product for your kitchen. This type of plastic is also presented in water bottles, elegant disposable dinnerware meant to contain food and beverages.

4.   How do you clean and reuse plastic containers?

All you have to do is wash it with a soft kitchen gel, wipe it and clean it with a kitchen towel, and you are good to go. Read More

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